A three-day restart to aid in digestion, increase energy, remove toxins, and to purify the blood. This 3 day restart was customized with our people in mind. We hand pick the right ingredients so that your organs does its job to naturally detoxify the body.



3 - Flu B Gone shots (1oz) = 1 shot, per day

1 - "The Fallen Apple" Detox (1L) = 1 cup, per day

2 - Detox Jugs

- Morning "The Blueprint" Detox (1Gal) = 2 cups, 3x per day

- Evening "The Bitter Me" Detox (1Gal) = 2 cups, 3x per day


*Complimentary Electrolyte Juice - Melon Lime (16oz) to help replenish your electrolytes, it's rehydrating, and it also helps balance your blood sugar during the cleanse.


***DRINK WATER!!!!***

3 -Day Restart

  • If you are Pregnant & Breastfeeding, please consult with your doctor before drinking any detox juicing.